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Party Bus Rentals

A Guide to Tipping Your Party Bus Driver

You have a party bus, and you want to get the most out of your night. But who do you tip? The answer is the driver. The driver drives your bus, and makes sure passengers get from point A to point B safely. Without him or her, it’s not a party at all!

Thus, you should definitely tip your driver, but how much do you really need to do so? We’re going to help you decide what makes a good experience and how to tip a driver on Party Bus San Diego CA.

What Makes a Good Party Bus Driver?

First, let’s talk about what a good tip should be. A good tip isn’t just whatever you think you should pay. A good tip is based on the quality of service the driver provided.

In addition to driving the bus, the driver has to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable inside. This means he or she should have the following qualities:

  • They have a friendly demeanor
  • They are reliable
  • They are trustworthy
  • They are friendly with everyone
  • They treat passengers with respect
  • They are courteous
  • They give passengers a good ride

They make sure that your party bus driver provides quality service. They don’t just show up and drive you around. They check on you to make sure that you’re comfortable and safe during your trip.

Is the Tip Included in the Party Bus Service?

In most cases no, a tip for the driver is not included in the cost of the service.  Bring some extra cash with you and tip the driver on the way out. You’ll be glad you did.

When Is It Appropriate to Tip the Driver?

Most people tend to tip drivers at the end of the trip, but this is not required. You can give a tip anytime the driver is providing excellent service.

How Much Do You Need To Tip Your Party Bus Driver?

No matter how long the trip is, or how much you paid for your party bus, a good tip should be $5 – 10 dollars per person.

If your driver is providing great service, they may even be expecting more than that. However, there are no hard and fast rules. If you think that your driver is providing excellent service, you can give them more.

In fact, a lot of drivers prefer it when passengers tip them. This way, they feel appreciated. This helps to ensure that they provide top-notch service.

Party Bus Rentals

Before You Book a Party Bus Read This

Party buses are excellent alternatives to booking a limousine service, especially if there is a group of you that wants to party.  Yes, a party bus is going to cost more than a limo ride but there are more people partying who can chip in to offset the cost.  You can have a whole bunch of friends with you to celebrate, whatever the occasion.  Booking a party bus isn’t difficult, but like any other service providers, there are some shady characters in the business.  Before you book a party bus read this so you know exactly what to watch out for.

Bait and Switch

This happens far more often than it should, so let’s talk about how bait and switch works in the party bus business.  You visit the company premises and they show you a party bus that looks absolutely amazing, they tell you that all of the buses they own are fully equipped.  Only when the time comes to pick up you and your guests the party bus you saw isn’t the party bus that you get.  Instead, you get one that isn’t as well equipped and doesn’t have the luxury or amenities that you thought you paid for.  To make matters worse it is way too late to do anything about it.

The Bar is Fully Stocked

You don’t expect the bar to be stocked with $75 a shot tequila but you don’t expect the booze to be watered down either.  Some companies decide to cut costs on liquor by pouring low-quality booze into top-shelf bottles, or by watering down the good stuff so that it goes further.  You pay a premium to have an open bar on your party bus so you should expect the same quality of booze that you would find in any bar.

Everything is Included

Everything is included until it isn’t.  All-inclusive packages all have limitations and you need to read the fine print to know exactly what they are.  There may be limitations on the number of miles your bus will travel, the amount of booze you’re allowed, or the amount of time you can book for.  You need to double-check every detail to make sure there are no surprises when the final bill comes due.

Before you leave with a negative impression of party bus companies, bear in mind that most are not trying to rip you off.  Most party bus companies are run by honest business people who will go above and beyond to deliver an experience that you will rave to all your friends about.  It still doesn’t hurt to be on your toes when booking a party bus.


Party Bus Rentals

Celebrate the Holidays in a Party Bus

Party bus rentals can not only create a memorable and festive atmosphere but also help to relieve stress for the party planner.  Party buses are the ideal way to celebrate any occasion with friends and family. They are luxurious, spacious, and offer a high-end experience that is sure to impress.  Then why not choose a party bus rental for your next celebration?

What is the best thing about renting a party bus?

The best thing about renting a party bus is that it makes planning and attending your event effortless. There is no reason to worry about having enough space to accommodate all the guests or how to get around during the night. All you have to do is simply plan a trip to the location of the party, pay the driver, and enjoy the rest of the party.  Here is a look at how amazing party buses can be.

Party Bus Rental Process

We want to make your party bus trip a stress-free experience, which means that we do everything we can to make sure you receive the party bus of your dreams. We handle the entire process from start to finish – from reserving the bus and making sure it’s ready for your party to delivering it to you and getting it back to us.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Party Bus Provider in December

When it comes to party bus rentals in December and beyond, there are plenty of considerations to keep in mind before you make a final decision. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the most important ones for you to consider when looking for your next big event transportation provider.

  1.  Cost: How much money do I have to spend on my party bus rental?
    Party bus rentals are very economical. A budget-friendly party bus is an excellent way to entertain friends and family.
  2. Amenities: What amenities is the party bus include?
    Does it have a bar, DJ, or other amenities to help make your night special? What’s Included? What is included in the price of the party bus rental service? Is there a food/drink minimum charge? Who are you transporting? Who is your clientele? What age group are you typically serving? What is your typical route? Where are you typically going?
  3. Size: How many people will be going with me on my party bus rental?
    The standard size of a party bus is 16 people. If you have a larger group of people that need to be transported, we can accommodate them as well! We can transport up to 25 people in a single party bus rental.

Then there’s no need to worry about who will be driving because you can sit back and relax while the professionals take care of all the driving for you.