Party Bus Rentals

Before You Book a Party Bus Read This

Party buses are excellent alternatives to booking a limousine service, especially if there is a group of you that wants to party.  Yes, a party bus is going to cost more than a limo ride but there are more people partying who can chip in to offset the cost.  You can have a whole bunch of friends with you to celebrate, whatever the occasion.  Booking a party bus isn’t difficult, but like any other service providers, there are some shady characters in the business.  Before you book a party bus read this so you know exactly what to watch out for.

Bait and Switch

This happens far more often than it should, so let’s talk about how bait and switch works in the party bus business.  You visit the company premises and they show you a party bus that looks absolutely amazing, they tell you that all of the buses they own are fully equipped.  Only when the time comes to pick up you and your guests the party bus you saw isn’t the party bus that you get.  Instead, you get one that isn’t as well equipped and doesn’t have the luxury or amenities that you thought you paid for.  To make matters worse it is way too late to do anything about it.

The Bar is Fully Stocked

You don’t expect the bar to be stocked with $75 a shot tequila but you don’t expect the booze to be watered down either.  Some companies decide to cut costs on liquor by pouring low-quality booze into top-shelf bottles, or by watering down the good stuff so that it goes further.  You pay a premium to have an open bar on your party bus so you should expect the same quality of booze that you would find in any bar.

Everything is Included

Everything is included until it isn’t.  All-inclusive packages all have limitations and you need to read the fine print to know exactly what they are.  There may be limitations on the number of miles your bus will travel, the amount of booze you’re allowed, or the amount of time you can book for.  You need to double-check every detail to make sure there are no surprises when the final bill comes due.

Before you leave with a negative impression of party bus companies, bear in mind that most are not trying to rip you off.  Most party bus companies are run by honest business people who will go above and beyond to deliver an experience that you will rave to all your friends about.  It still doesn’t hurt to be on your toes when booking a party bus.